Study Tips & Resources

Our goal is to provide you access to the best information and resources you need to excel at Furman. Here, you’ll find links to a variety of tools. Explore our resources, and find the tools that best meet your needs.

Remote Learning Resources

General Resources

  • Apps for Success: Resource created to explore how your electronic device can support your success in college. Over 50 apps referenced! [PDF]
  • How to Study: Website with tips, articles, and other resources all related to study skills and other academic-related areas.
  • Khan Academy: Personalized learning resource that offers practice exercises and instructional videos.
  • Making it Stick! Study strategies that actually work.
  • Website devoted to helping individuals learn personal effectiveness skills.
  • Minute Physics YouTube Channel: Short videos related to Physics concepts.
  • Quizlet: Provides customizable activities to help students practice and master course concepts

Furman Specific Resources


Furman Counseling Center: Our definition of mental health is broad and we are able to help with a ride range of problems. You might be feeling depressed, experiencing academic stress and anxiety or problems in a relationship. Schedule an appointment with the counseling center today!

Furman’s TAO Tools: TAO’s goal is to equip people with the ability to adapt and deal effectively with the demands of life and work, using evidenced-based, learner-focused content that aims to increase positive and adaptive behavior. TAO teaches cognitive skills, personal skills and interpersonal skills, using educational modules, assessments, practice tools and logs, and a mindfulness library. Website devoted to helping individuals learn personal effectiveness skills.

English as Second Language (ESL)

ESL Request for Support: If you feel like you need ESL support please fill out this form and a staff member from CAS will be in touch.

Taking Notes

Cornell Note Taking System: One example of note-taking. See other related note taking strategies in the resources above. [PDF]

How to Take Study Notes : 5 Effective Methods

Notetaking Tips: One-pager on general note taking tips! [PDF]


Furman’s Writing and Media Lab: Information on writing, finding the writing lab, and meeting with a writing consultant.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL): Provides more than 200 free resources, including APA / MLA formatting guides, avoiding plagiarism, researching, grammar and mechanics, and developing a resume.