What do we mean when we say Furman champions the liberal arts and sciences?

We believe that cultivating a community of lifelong learners requires a broad intellectual foundation rooted in interdisciplinary study. To understand a complex and interconnected world and your place in it, you must have access to a broad range of deep knowledge in dozens of subjects addressing all aspects of the human experience – including the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Furman’s 27 academic departments are responsible for devising and administering the course offerings that constitute a pathway through a major, minor or other program.  

The professors and administrators of each program are devoted to the quest for knowledge in their disciplines. With decades of scholarship and practical experience, they are responsible for creating curricula that focus millennia of knowledge through a 21st century lens. Each of Furman University’s academic departments – along with its offices and services – is dedicated to nurturing an environment of intellectual curiosity and diversity that fosters the critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills students will carry with them into their post-college lives. 

Explore the links below to get to know more about Furman’s thriving communities of learning, creativity and innovation – and how they can help you build your own intellectual foundation for lifelong education, no matter where your passions lie. 

Have questions?

Have questions?

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