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At Furman, internships are considered a part of the academic learning process. You’ll use your internship to gain knowledge and skills by applying your classroom experiences and pursuing your interests.

Over seventy percent of our students complete an internship during their time at Furman and you’ll find there are a lot of resources to support you in the internship process. In the past, students have taken advantage of faculty-led courses; advice and connections from our alumni, parents, and friends; our Summer Fellowship Funding process; and one-on-one attention from the Internship Office.

Freeman Fellowship

Thanks to a grant from the Freeman Foundation, which is subject to renewal each year, this fellowship provides up to 16 students with an opportunity to intern in Southeast Asia each summer and is available to each class year including graduating seniors. An information session is held in late fall and funding applications are due by February 15 with decisions made by March. Apply for a 2022 Freeman Fellowship. Please note: Furman will not fund travel to countries listed as a Level 4 on the US State Department Travel Advisory. Travel to countries listed as a Level 3 will require students to petition the Office of the Provost.

Summer Internship Fellowship

Students may apply for a fellowship for unpaid or low paid full-time (i.e., 35-40 hours for 8-12 weeks) summer internships. Here is what you Need to Know about the Summer Internship Fellowship process. Here are the steps you Need to Do to apply for the Summer Internship Fellowship.

Information sessions about the Summer Internship Fellowship Process are held in late fall/early spring semester and funding applications are due by March 31. Apply for a 2022 Summer Internship Fellowship. Please note: Students who want funding, consideration for discounted on-campus summer housing, and/or 0 credit must apply for a Summer Internship Fellowship.

For information on other fellowships and scholarship opportunities, see Furman’s list of Nationally Competitive, Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants.

If you have any questions, please contact the Internship Office.

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Finding an Internship

Get started on your search for an internship. Find internships anywhere through our community, alumni connections, and on-line resources.

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Applying for Internships

Get help with preparing your application materials from resume and cover letters to LinkedIn profiles and interview practice.

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Summer Internship Fellowships

Furman has one of the few programs in the country that helps support students with unpaid or low paid summer internships by providing Summer Fellowship Funding.

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Freeman Fellowships

The Freeman Fellowship supports students who want to complete a full-time international internship in East and Southeast Asia.

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Academic Credit

Learn your department's internship course requirements.

Get academic credit for an internship

Employer Resources

We regularly engage community partners, alumni, parents and other key stakeholders to help provide meaningful internship experiences for our students.

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Faculty Resources

The Internship Office is available to meet with you and your students to share internship opportunities that meet academic department requirements, along with details about the Summer Fellowship Funding process.

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