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Furman admits many of the brightest, most dedicated, and highly motivated individuals. Because of that, you’ll find a campus full of qualified applicants who are eager to learn and crave a challenge.

Our office regularly meets with students one-to-one to assess their goals and skills and connect them with internship opportunities. We also work with our faculty to request referrals for students who would be a good match for you.

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We approach internships as a component of academics. With that in mind, we evaluate potential employer requests to ensure that the internships have a significant impact on the student’s learning and organization alike. We post approved internships, promote them to students, and encourage them to apply.

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Listing your internship with us increases your exposure within our community and helps us identify potential students for your position.

We can partner with you to ensure that your internships include engaged learning experiences that Furman students are seeking, while adding value to your organization.

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Have a question? Whether you'd like more information about the internship program or your specific internship opportunity, please let us know how we can help.

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