How We Assist Students

One-One Student Appointments: Students Schedule here

  • Resume/Cover Letter, Informational Interview Connections, Networking, Interview Preparation, LinkedIn Guidance, etc

For unpaid or low-paying internships: Summer Fellowship Funding 

Checkout the Student Resources

  • Furman Career Guide
  • Identity-Based Internships and Opportunities (IBIO)
  • GoinGlobal
  • Job Simulations
  • Internship Guide
  • Micro/Short-term Internships

Internship Database: GradLeaders (contains 900+ local and national internship opportunities)

  • Faculty can create an account to look through the opportunities available to students

Approve a Student’s Internship for Credit

Students who are pursuing an internship to earn academic credit will need to get the assigned professor’s approval and the professor will then submit a completed individualized instruction approval form to Academic Records. Download the form as a PDF.

Faculty Information

Whether an internship originates from our office or your department, we can partner with you to ensure that our internships include academic components and projects to meet your department’s requirements.

Refer students to our office to talk with them about their interests, skills, and learning objectives. We then assist them in developing the tools and resources they need to successfully find and apply for an internship, including customizing their resume/profile and cover letter. Our office also coordinates the Summer Fellowship Funding process.


Creating or revising an internship course?

See how other departments have structured theirs: