Alumni attending the Career Advance program

Networking with Alumni

Everyone has been at a crossroad in their career — wondering what is next, what steps to take, and who to turn to. The Loop is our response to that need. Get connected with alumni to help you formulate a path.


Leverage LinkedIn to build your network by connecting with nearly 6,000 alumni through the Furman University Alumni LinkedIn group. Read articles that inform and educate, while you discuss ideas and concepts with Alumni in the group. Join now.

Furman also has a university page with searchable networking data that can be filtered by field, city, major and more. Learn more.

Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection

Even as seasoned alum, we know that life can take unexpected directions. Since 2001, Furman’s Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection has been helping people of all ages discover their calling. Alumni may participate in retreats and pilgrimages through the Tom and Becky Becherer ‘What’s Calling You Now?” programs. Visit the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection.

Networking Best Practices

Networking can be a very powerful and valuable act when done correctly and intentionally. Learn some best practices as you prepare to build and connect with your sphere of influence. Read our networking tips.

Networking List Requests

The Furman community is built on a robust foundation of individuals seeking to support one another in professional endeavors. Whether you’re entering the workforce, seeking a new career path, at a professional crossroad, relocating to a new city or state, or simply seeking to build your professional network, the Alumni and Parent Engagement Office can provide a networking list to support you. Request a network list.