Religion majors learn how to clearly describe, critically analyze, and empathetically understand the religious traditions that inform the most deeply held perspectives of people past and present.

Furman has long been committed to the importance of this field of study. Still well-grounded in the biblical studies and Christian theology so important in its founding, the department is proud to be among the first of small liberal arts schools to offer an extensive program in World Religions. Our curriculum includes courses in Hinduism, Buddhism Judaism, Islam, Native American Religions, and African Traditional Religions.

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Program Overview

While encouraging both breadth and depth of study, the major is flexible enough to be a great second major and one that allows the pursuit of special interests or connections to professional goals.

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Student Experiences

Religion is not only a source of personal fulfillment; it influences many aspects of human culture and experience.

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Endowed Lectureships & Programs

Our department presents several guest lecture programs during the year. The speakers often also visit classes for extra discussion, where students can participate and share ideas with experts in the field of religious studies.

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Religion faculty represent a wide variety of fields of study and are committed to research that informs their work in the classroom.

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Facilties & Resources

Our department partners with several organizations that can provide opportunities for internships and volunteering hours.

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If you have questions regarding our program, please contact us.

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