Masking Guidance for PAL Groups:

Masks are not required during Peer Assisted Learning groups. However, consultants may ask you to mask if working together requires close physical proximity. Please bring a mask with you in case you need it. More information about university masking guidelines is available on the Furman website.

Please be respectful of anyone’s choices regarding masking, and remember that the primary goal for any group session is for students to be able to focus on learning. This guidance is intended to reflect that goal. If you require or may qualify for reasonable accommodations based on a disability then please reach out to the Student Office for Accessibility Resources to inquire about the ADA process.

About Peer Assisted Learning

The Peer Assisted Learning Program, rolled out in Fall 2020, offers students the chance to engage with their fellow students around course content outside of the classroom in order to improve and deepen their learning.  We offer small-group tutoring in most introductory-level and GER courses. All groups are facilitated by a trained undergraduate student Peer Learning Consultant. All of our services emphasize collaboration and co-learning between students and Consultants.

Our goals are to provide:

  1. Collaborative, peer-facilitated, content-based learning support for students.
  2. Support in applying effective studying and group learning methods for students.
  3. An engaged learning experience that is aligned with The Furman Advantage for Peer Learning Consultants.

To put it in a shorter soundbite: we want to help students become better learners!

If you have any questions about our program, please email or  Jean Schwab, Director of Peer Assisted Learning.

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About the Consultants

The Peer Assisted Learning Program is staffed by trained undergraduate students.

Info for Faculty

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