Peer Assisted Learning

Announcement (9/4/20): Peer Learning Sessions are now available for several subjects, with new subject areas being added soon!  SIGN UP FOR A SESSION HERE

Beginning in Fall 2020, the Tutoring Program became the Peer Assisted Learning Program. Students who work in the program hold the position of Peer Learning Consultant.

Our goals are to provide:

  1. Peer-facilitated, content-based learning support for students.
  2. An engaged learning experience for Peer Learning Consultants that is aligned with The Furman Advantage.

Peer Learning Consultants will work with students in small groups to:

  • resolve and answer questions;
  • clarify concepts;
  • review course content;
  • and (re)deliver new material in coordination with course instructors as appropriate.

All sessions will be offered remotely for Fall 2020 using Zoom. Students will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link and passcode when they sign up for a session.

Training for the Peer Learning Consultants is via Moodle and covers topics such as different learning theories used in instruction; directive vs. non-directive tutoring; different methods of tutoring; effective study habits and test preparation; and facilitating collaborative learning techniques.

If we don’t offer a session for a course at student needs help with, students may submit a request form to let us know what they need. Due to the timeline for hiring, employment verification, and training, we will not be able to hire Peer Learning Consultants on a rolling basis during the semester for a single request. However, professional staff will work directly with students to find appropriate support for them.

If you have any questions about our new program, please email or  Jean Schwab, Director of Peer Assisted Learning.

Apply to be a Peer Learning Consultant

All training and sessions will be done remotely, so you can apply whether you will be on campus this term or not. Application deadline: August 21, 2020

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Do you need some support with your courses? Peer Assisted Learning offers academic support in several subjects, including Economics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Spanish, to name a few!

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