As a college student, you’re now part of a community of scholars that includes your professors and fellow students. As part of that community, the staff of the Peer Assisted Learning Program provides several ways for you to engage with your peers around your course content to encourage deep learning in a collaborative environment.

  • Group Learning Sessions - learn from both your classmates & a trained Peer Learning Consultant
  • Class Study Groups - add structure and accountability to your studying
  • 1-on-1 Peer Learning - if you find that a group isn't working, then individual attention might be right for you
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First - Learn How to Get the Most From Peer Learning

Group Learning Sessions

Group Learning Sessions are small-group tutoring sessions, limited to 4-6 students, conducted by a trained undergraduate Peer Learning Consultant.  The Peer Learning Consultant will either have taken the course or will be in regular contact with faculty about course content. Group Learning Sessions are available for most 100-level courses and a limited number of 200-level courses. This is our primary service, so if you need help with a course, looking at our schedule should be your first step!

Class Study Groups

Class Study Groups are available to help you connect with other students in your class and get the most out of your study time. When you make a request, it will help if you can recruit at least one more person to make it a group. If you can’t, don’t worry: we’ll reach out to the class and let them know about the study group that’s being formed so they have a chance to join.

Then we’ll connect your group with a Peer Learning Consultant who is trained in effective study methods and can help you set goals, learn from your classmates, and stay on task. If possible, we’ll pair your group with a Peer Learning Consultant who is familiar with your field of study but who may not have taken the class. In a Class Study Group, the Consultant’s job is not to deliver content; their job is to help you learn more effectively, both on your own and with your classmates.

1-on-1 Peer Learning

If you try one of our Group Learning Sessions and find that you’re still struggling to understand and apply course content, then 1-on-1 sessions with a Peer Learning Consultant for your course may be an option. We firmly believe in the value of learning in collaboration with others, so we want you to put in a good faith effort to learn through a Group Learning Session first before requesting 1-on-1 support. However, we also know that sometimes, 1-on-1 Peer Learning can help you get to a place where the group sessions will be more beneficial.

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Find the Right Academic Support

Full Group Learning Session Course List

Below is a full list of courses for which we are usually able to offer Group Learning Sessions on a regular basis.  To see what’s available for the current semester or to sign up, please see our schedule of sessions.