Spring 2020 Consultants using video conferencing software

About Our Consultants

Consultant Job Description

The Writing & Media Lab is staffed by a team of dedicated students who serve as academic colleagues for their peers.  A Consultant’s job is to support Furman students, faculty, and staff with writing and multimedia composition.  Projects might include written essays, research papers, presentations, videos, or podcasts, from initial brainstorming to final review. Our goal is to help you improve your composition skills.

The truth is that, regardless of skill level, we can all benefit from a colleague’s feedback on our work; a peer’s questions are often the ones we might not think to ask ourselves.  This is the most important part of a Consultant’s job: to be a thoughtful and critical audience for the clients who come to the Writing & Media Lab.

Consultant Training

Consultants participate in professional development training.

Consultants participate in professional development training in the Writing & Media Lab.

All Writing & Media Lab Consultants must satisfactorily complete a semester-long training course during their first semester of employment to continue working as a Writing & Media Lab Consultant in subsequent semesters. Our training course is structured much like an internship: trainees work regular hours while completing readings, assignments, and periodic meetings to deepen their understanding of how to help with writing and multimedia projects.

New Consultants-in-training are expected to attend between five and eight training sessions on topics such as learning theories, tutoring methods, the writing process, and multimedia composition while also completing assignments during their scheduled work hours.  Training sessions are spread out over the semester, usually meeting every two or three weeks.  The meeting day and time are determined based on trainee availability each semester. We’ll do our best to work around your schedule.

The Furman Advantage (TFA) promises students access to high-impact experiences, such as study abroad, research, and internships, that will lead to growth in three areas: intellectual (“students will know and apply”); personal and interpersonal (“students will thrive and connect”); and professional (“students will do and become”). In line with TFA, Consultant training doesn’t end after just one semester. Consultants continue to grow and learn throughout their time working in the Writing & Media Lab, honing their compositions skills in writing and multimedia while learning to collaborate effectively with others.

How Do I Become a Consultant?

The Writing & Media Lab accepts applications for students to begin training during the Fall semester. We occasionally hire students to train during Spring term as needed.  Faculty may also nominate students to work in the Writing & Media Lab.  If a faculty member nominates a student, we will reach out to the student to inform them of the nomination and ask that they complete an application.  All applicants must fill out the application form, upload a writing sample, and provide a faculty reference.

Interested in working in the Writing & Media Lab? Learn more about our application process.