Online Writing Resources

Here are some great online resources for writing. Some of these we made in the Writing & Media Lab, and others we’ve found from other sources.

General Writing Resources

Online Appointments with the Writing & Media Lab

Current Furman students can make an appointment for an online writing consultation and work with a WML Consultant remotely via Zoom. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link. It’s a great way to get help with your writing if you’re not able to come on campus for any reason!

Of course, we always want to see you in-person, too! But it’s nice to know online consultations are an option, isn’t it?

Furman Library

The Furman Library has many resources available.  You can do research by subject, find out how to cite sources, or learn more about evaluating your sources.

Zoom Annotation Tools

Have you seen Zoom’s annotation tools that you can use when screen-sharing?  Some of these tools may be helpful if you use Zoom for remote writing conferences with professor of Writing & Media Lab Consultants.  You can save a screenshot of the annotations to reference later.

Citation Styles
  • Furman Library: The Furman Library has a section of their website devoted to helping you with citation styles.
  • MLA: Furman students can now access MLA Handbook Plus and view the 9th edition of the MLA style guide online. The MLA website also has an Interactive Practice Template to help you learn to use the latest MLA citation style.
  • APA: The APA has a handful of helpful materials available online, including a video tutorial of the 7th edition of the APA Style Guide and an online style and grammar guide.
  • Chicago Manual of Style: There are several tip sheets and examples that are available if you’re using Chicago Style.
From Other Writing Centers

The Purdue OWL (online writing lab) is often a go-to resource for students.  The UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center also has a variety of handouts and video tutorials on different writing topics.

Writing for Exams

If you’re not sure how to write in response to an exam question, you might find these resources helpful.  You can find advice from the UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center, the Purdue OWL, and Penn State.

Online Writing Tutorials

Getting Started on Writing Assignments by the WML

This brief tutorial provides some tips for getting started on writing assignments effectively and efficiently.

Writing Effective Thesis Statements by the WML

This tutorial describes and explains the purpose of thesis statements in academic writing and provides some helpful tips for creating them effectively.

The Toulmin Model of Argument by the WML

This tutorial briefly describes and illustrates the model of argumentation developed by British logician Stephen Toulmin. His model can be a great tool for analyzing and creating academically sound arguments.

The Rhetorical Triangle and Rhetorical Appeals by the WML

This tutorial defines the concept of the “Rhetorical Triangle” and three rhetorical appeals, then discusses how to put these concepts to use in analyzing or making an argument. 

How to Write a Scientific Paper by the WML

This tutorial provides an introduction to the basic organization and methodology of writing in the sciences.

Write Well by Macalaster College

The Write Well video series from Macalaster College is a fantastic series of short, to-the-point videos about various writing topics, including writing a thesis statement, making effective word choices, and engaging your reader.