Don’t see what you need help with on our Peer Learning Schedule? Please fill out our suggestion form below to let us know about courses we should consider adding!

What happens after I submit my suggestion?

  1. Step One
    We’ll send you information about any relevant resources, such as Academic Coaching, department tutoring resources, or PAL Study Hall sessions that may be helpful.
  2. Step Two
    We’ll review our list of current Peer Learning Consultants to see if there is anyone already working for us who has taken the class, or who has taken similar types of classes. Sometimes this means we’ll direct you to one of our interdisciplinary study halls. During a study hall, our Consultants can help you with how to study, take notes, or form a study group.
  3. Step Three
    We’ll look at past requests and, if appropriate, work on adding the course to our regular schedule. The process of recruiting and hiring new Consultants can take several weeks, so we may not be able to add all suggested courses to the PAL schedule immediately.
  4. Step Four
    We’ll update you about any new resources that become available.