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We offer three types of Peer Learning Support:

  1. Group Learning Sessions for many introductory and GER courses that meet on a regular schedule;
  2. Class Study Groups by request for classes we don’t have on our normal schedule;
  3. Occasional 1-on-1 Peer Learning that is available after you’ve attended group sessions and we discover that more individualized support would be helpful.

If you’re not sure what type of support is right for you, or you need to request a Class Study Group that isn’t on our schedule, please complete our request form.

The deadline for requesting a Class Study Group for Spring 2022 is March 25, 2022 (the same as the last day to withdraw from a class). But you still have options to get help!

If you feel that you need help after this date, please speak with your professor about your progress in the class. If your professor agrees that a study group or tutoring is needed, please ask your professor to email on your behalf. You can also email to request a meeting with an Academic Coach.


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Types of Support

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