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Summer 2022

We will not have regular group sessions during Summer 2022. Please email if you need assistance with a class during Summer 1 or Summer 2 sessions.

Check out our PAL News page for the most up-do-date information about our summer services.


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Class Study Groups

Class Study Groups are group sessions facilitated by a Peer Learning Consultant who can help you and your classmates set learning goals for the group and help facilitate effective collaborative learning activities. The Peer Learning Consultant who facilitates a Class Study Session will not necessarily be familiar with course content, but will be capable of directing group learning and studying.

When you request a Class Study Group, we will assign a Peer Learning Consultant to lead the group and help find a day, time, and classroom for your group to meet. We will notify other students in the class about the group, but it will help if you also actively ask other students to come with you. The more students in a Study Group, the better the learning experience for everyone.

The list of courses available for a Class Study Group will change each semester depending on student requests.

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The deadline for requesting a Class Study Group for Spring 2022 is March 25, 2022 (the same as the last day to withdraw from a class).

If you feel that you need help after this date, please speak with your professor about your progress in the class. If your professor agrees that a study group or tutoring is needed, please ask your professor to email on your behalf. You can also email to request a meeting with an Academic Coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Group Learning Session?

Group Learning Sessions are small-group (between 4-6 students) communal learning sessions facilitated by a trained undergraduate student Peer Learning Consultant. Group Learning Sessions are available for a set list of courses, usually GERs or major requirements at the 100- or 200-level. The Peer Learning Consultant for each Group Learning Session will be familiar with most concepts in the course.

What if I don't like working with a group?

We know that learning in a group may not be comfortable for everyone. However, we also know that there can be great benefit to learning in a social setting and hearing different perspectives on course content. You can think of as communal learning instead of group work. If you’re hesitant, please give it a try!

Our Peer Learning Consultants are trained to facilitate group activities and we are committed to creating a comfortable learning environment for all students. Please know that you’ll have the opportunity each semester to submit anonymous feedback, so that you can let us know how we’re doing.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Effective March 5, 2022, masks are no longer required during PAL Group Sessions or Study Group meetings. However, please bring a mask with you in case you need to work closely with the student Consultant or another student. We ask everyone to please practice mirrored masking during group sessions. This means that if you must be physically close to someone while completing work in the group, and the other person is wearing a mask, then we ask you to please wear a mask during that interaction.

Please be respectful of anyone’s choices regarding masking, and remember that the primary goal for any group session is for students to be able to focus on learning. This guidance is intended to reflect that goal. If you require or may qualify for reasonable accommodations based on a disability then please reach out to the Student Office for Accessibility Resources to inquire about the ADA process.

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The form is not available for Summer 2022 classes. Please email to request help during both Summer sessions.

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