This page contains a list of questions and answers asked of the Staff Advisory Council. We will add to it as new topics arise.

Whom does the staff advisory council advise?

The primary group that will receive your input will be the Administrative or President’s Council, depending on the subject and the impact of the recommendation. At times, this could be just one director or VP. At other times, it could be the whole group.

What are the powers of the council? its it to be a voice for the staff? If so, who will listen to that voice?

The Staff AC is supposed to be a voice for staff and the council’s goal is to represent your respective areas. The primary purpose is to improve communication with the administration. The idea was to get staff issues on the table and addressed in an on-going manner, rather than waiting for a staff survey, which is not given on a regular basis. The council has been asked to be the liaison between the staff advisory group and the administration. It would be the council’s responsibility to get the right people together and to help facilitate the process of getting a response or resolution to the issues raised. This is the role the council plays with the issues raised by the staff survey.

If there is an issue that the council considers important and should be pursued then what can it do? Does the STAFFAC, or a representative, meet with someone in the administration?

The AVP of Human Resources (HR) would act as a liaison. For example, let’s say there is an issue with mail services. Human Resources’ job would be to get background information, if available to the Staff AC and then, get the Staff AC or its selected subset together with the appropriate decision-makers in mail services. (By either inviting them to the meeting or helping set up a meeting between the two parties) HR would reinforce the fact that the Staff AC is representing staff and that it is in the best interest of the department to address the issues raised. HR would be the one that Staff AC comes to if they have concerns about getting a response from a department and would also advise the Staff AC if there are any cautions or if there may be an alternative approach that would be more successful.

How does the STAFFAC communicate wit the people they're representing?

Some ways could be: a) word of mouth, b) email, c) MyFurman, d) website. Depending on the department, you may need to use all of these in some way. For example, word of mouth, paper, and email could be used as tools for gathering input from colleagues about issues. Email, StaffAC website, and MyFurman are ways to let everyone know about your issues and the outcomes–to reinforce the fact that the council is working and has an impact.