Student Parking Registration

Student parking permits go on sale the first week of August each year. If you are on campus before this and need a short-term parking permit, request a temporary pass.

Register Your Vehicle

If you are a first time user you will need to select “start here” to set up your account.
If you registered a vehicle last semester then you simply need to select “log in here” to access your account.

For a step by step guide to registering your vehicle, download our First Time Parking Registration Instructions as a pdf.

**IMPORTANT** When registering on the site it will ask for your ID number on your Palacard. If your ID number begins with a zero, only enter the last six digits. If your ID number begins with a one, then enter all seven digits.

Campus Parking Map

See the parking map for a general overview of where you can park, however, you must still follow the lot signs in each lot. If you are unsure about where to park please stop by the Furman University Police Department at Estridge Commons, and ask before you park. It is your responsibility to know where the proper place to park is.

Traffic & Parking Regulations

Read the regulations [PDF].

Anyone operating a motor vehicle on campus is responsible for knowing and complying with these regulations. If you have any questions please contact the Furman University Police Department at 864.294.2111, or visit our office in Estridge Commons.

Appeal or Pay a Citation

All citations must be appealed and/or paid online.  The Furman University Police Department does not accept cash or hear appeals.

Appeals are heard by the traffic review board or Chief of Police when the board is not in session.  Persons appealing to the traffic review board must include all pertinent information in your email appeal for the board to consider.  Appeals must be made within 5 days of receiving the citation.  The appeals board has 21 days to consider the appeal and respond.

Unpaid fines are moved to student accounts twice a year.

To appeal or pay a citation you must log in to the parking system with your student ID number. Please note that if your ID number begins with a “0” remove it when entering the number. For example, ID number 01937846 should be entered as 1937846.

Appeal or pay a citation online.