The men and women of the Furman University Police Department are committed to preventing violence on campus.  Campus police train regularly, and follow comprehensive threat assessment and management protocols.

We also work hard to prepare our community for the possibility of violence on campus.  Active Shooter Training is provided to incoming freshmen during fall orientation, and other classes are open to students throughout the year.  Students, faculty, and staff may also request Active Shooter Training at any time, including customized classes for groups and departments.

Active Shooter Training provided follows best practices and recommendations from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  It is intended to provide response options in the event of an active shooter on campus.  To request training, contact Chief John Milby by phone at 864.294.2111, or by email at


  1. RUN:  Evacuating the affected area is always the first, best option during an attack.  Have a plan for escape in mind.  Think outside the box – break windows and walls if necessary to get away.  Call 911 or campus police at 864.294.2111.  Warn those around you as you evacuate.
  2. HIDE:  If escape is not an option, hide in an area out of the attacker’s view.  Lock, and if possible, barricade doors.  Notify campus police and call 911.  Consider using the LiveSafe app if you must remain silent.
  3. FIGHT:  As a last resort, do whatever it takes to save your life and the lives of others.  Fight back as a group.  Consider using improvised weapons, such as a fire extinguisher, belt, or other object.  Look for opportunities to go on the offensive, such as when the shooter is reloading or distracted.

Remember, police are on the way.  Do whatever you can to get away or slow the attacker until police arrive.  You can survive!