Self-defense Training

Furman University Police are hosting two self-defense classes February 12th (6 p.m. in the Burgiss Theater) and February 13th (6 p.m. in the Watkins Room).  These classes will cover situational awareness and victim prevention, as well as more advanced behavioral assessment and self-defense techniques.  All students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend.  Classes will last approximately 1 hour each night.

New Pedestrian Friendly Zone

Recent improvements were made to Milford Mall and the Library Circle (Sterling Circle) to improve pedestrian safety.  Milford Mall was renovated with the installation of pavers and bollards at the entrance to Furman Mall, preventing normal vehicular traffic from entering this heavily pedestrian trafficked area.  Bicycles and golf carts are still allowed in this area. New sidewalks have also been added across Furman Mall to improve pedestrian access to Milford Mall from the parking lots just north and south of the Chapel.

In addition, a traffic gate has been added on the road that leads to Sterling Circle from the Trone Student Center.  This gate will be used to control vehicular access to this area of campus.  If you need vehicle access to this area of campus for special deliveries or events, please complete the form below.

Request for Access to Library Circle