On the lawn outside of the chapel, you’ll find what looks like a maze of bricks buried in the grass and surrounded by waist-high bushes. The space is the Chapel’s labyrinth, a meditative tool that allows a person to focus their thoughts. Labyrinths were common in medieval churches but didn’t become popular in modern times until the 1990s. We started construction on our labyrinth in 2005 with the help of the Lilly Center for Vocational Reflection of and our students, faculty, and staff. We dedicated the labyrinth on April 3, 2006.

How to Use the Labyrinth

There’s no wrong way to use the labyrinth. You’ll find people walking it, running it, sitting at certain spots, meditating, praying, and seeking guidance. You’ll even see school children playing games on it from time to time. It’s a private, safe space that’s open all day, every day.