Spiritual life at Furman offers a multitude of opportunities to connect, grow, and explore. With over 21 student groups, you can worship with students from every major religion, talk about non-belief, volunteer in the community, and explore faith-based careers. You’ll find students from all backgrounds working together to plan events, lecture series, and celebrations. Each group both welcomes and encourages all students to attend their meetings and other events, ask them questions about their faith, and share different viewpoints.

Student Groups

Many of our students are involved with religious groups that reflect their own beliefs. But they don't stop there. They're curious about and support all the religious groups on campus.

Campus Ministers and Advisors

Want to learn more about a particular faith group on campus? Many of our student groups also have religious leadership from affiliated ministers and advisors.

Religious Council

We have a multifaith, supportive, and engaged spiritual community at Furman, that works together in a governing body.

Off-Campus Worship

Are you looking for a religious community off-campus?