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Religious Council

When you live at Furman you’re going to meet and work with people who are different than you. That’s the spirit of the Religious Council. All the religious student groups come together at the council to exchange ideas and information and to have a dialogue about religious and social issues. It doesn’t matter what your group believes, we all work together for service, interfaith engagement, and to help each other plan and execute events. Together we’ve worked on events such as the Spiritual Life Fair, a Diwali celebration, lectures about women’s rights and Islam, an interfaith Martin Luther King, Jr. Service, and “Coffee with an Atheist.”

The council is made up of representatives from each religious group on campus and is moderated by the chaplains. We’re also responsible for distributing Student Government Association funds to each group and making sure each group abides by the guidelines for conducting ministry.

Guidelines for Religious Organizations and Interactions on Campus

  1. Students may make a witness to their religious commitments and invite others to attend meetings of a religious nature. If, however, the hearer indicates a desire to break off the conversation or to walk away from the one making the witness or to refuse an invitation, such desire should be honored immediately without question or comment.
  2. Students invited to attend any meeting hosted by a religious group or having a religious theme must be told the identity of the group hosting the event.
  3. Students must be given an accurate description of the content of any meeting hosted by a religious group or having a religious theme.
  4. Students who accept an invitation and then indicate a desire to leave should be allowed to do so without the appropriateness of their department being questioned. If the meeting is taking place off-campus and the student does not have transportation back to campus, those hosting the meeting should assist the students in returning to campus without questioning the appropriateness of their departure.
  5. Random or unsolicited visits to student rooms are not allowed.
  6. Solicitation or posting of unsolicited religious statements on or around another individual’s door is not permitted.
  7. Only groups that are recognized members of The Religious Council or have special permission from the Office of Spiritual Life may advertise on campus for any meeting having a religious theme.
  8. All literature of a religious nature distributed on campus must be approved by the Office of Spiritual Life.

Religious Engagement

Not only do we have a wide range of religious and spiritual backgrounds and beliefs at Furman, our community is also respectful and supportive of each other. We’re always working to find ways to increase understanding and cooperation among our student groups and to support any students who feel they’re being harassed because of their religious or spiritual beliefs. We’re always here to listen and find a meaningful resolution.

As your chaplains we provide:

  • Mediation for any students involved
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Create new programs and resources to promote understanding

Do you have any questions about religious engagement and tolerance at Furman? Contact the Chaplains.