The Staff Advisory Council is made up of 20 members: 12 elected and eight appointed.  The appointed members represent Finance & Administration, University Communications, Development, Athletics, Student Life, Enrollment Management, Information & Technology Services, and Academic Affairs. Members serve three-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms before taking a break from the council.

Staff Advisory Council Members 2019-2020

Ex-Officio Members 2019-2020

Ex-officio members provide input, insight and clarification, but do not have voting rights.

Executive Committee 2019-2020

  • Lindsey Copeland, Chair
  • Steve Hairston, Chair Elect
  • Jean Schwab, Past Chair
  • Kaylee Welgraven, Secretary
  • Tammie Roe, Treasurer
  • Danielle Hernandez, Parliamentarian


Human Resources Committee

  • Co-Chairs – Steve Hairston and Judy Bagley
  • Members – Jean Schwab (Ex-Officio), Kate Burris, Tracy Landrith,
    Nico Merritt, Dianna Wallwork, Allie Able

Employee Recognition Committee

  • Co-Chairs – Kaylee Welgraven and Kate Burris
  • Members – Tracy Landrith, Chris Rutledge,
    Lauren Blum, Doris Childress, Carla Jane White

Outreach and Engagement Committee

  • Co-Chairs – Tammie Roe and Kyra Cox-Everhart
  • Members – Pam Roberson, Nancy Liebezeit, Allie Able