Furman now subscribes to an extensive online platform that supports the mental health and well being of our community. Scroll down to learn more and access TAO tools for Furman.


TAO’s goal is to equip people with the ability to adapt and deal effectively with the demands of life and work, using evidenced-based, learner-focused content that aims to increase positive and adaptive behavior.

TAO teaches cognitive skills, personal skills and interpersonal skills, using educational modules, assessments, practice tools and logs, and a mindfulness library.

These modules can be supplemented with video chats with a Furman counselor who can follow students’ progress in TAO. Click here for a more detailed overview.


To access TAO’s self-help tools,

  • Log in to https://us.taoconnect.org/login  Select sign up.
  • Enter your name and Furman email address on the enrollment form.
  • Enter a password and leave the Enrollment Key field blank.
  • Click “Sign Me Up!”
  • Check your email. You will be sent a confirmation link that you must click on before signing in.