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Here you'll find a photo gallery, background images for video conference calls, The Furman Advantage toolkit, our official university logos, the Online Print Store, and our Creative Toolkit that enables you to create your own Furman-branded invitations, brochures, posters, flyers and more.

These branded tools are available for your use. First, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our brand standards. If you have questions about logo use or have suggestions for additional resources, please contact us.

What You'll Find

  • Photo Gallery
  • The Furman Advantage Toolkit
  • Official University Logos
  • Online Print Store
  • Creative Toolkit
  • Background Images for Video Conference Calls

Photo Gallery

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The Furman Advantage Toolkit

Official University Logos

Official University Logos

Furman’s official logos should be used in their original form and proportion. Production or use of the logo in non-official stationery/letterhead or business cards is prohibited. Official logos may not be condensed, extended or cropped.

Online Print Store

Online Print Store

Furman business cards, letterhead and envelopes may be ordered through the Furman Online Print Store, which is found on MyFurman (under A-Z Index).

Creative Toolkit

Our Creative Toolkit is an online system that enables you to create designs, catered to your needs, on your own schedule. Furman has partnered with Canva for Teams to provide a very intuitive user experience. You’ll have access to dozens of branded templates; official university logos, fonts and color schemes; a curated image library; a variety of file download and utilization options; and collaboration tools to streamline feedback and approvals.

Brand management and support are provided by University Communications. Use of this toolkit is optional and does not take the place of the services that University Communications provides. We are always available to plan, design and produce major communications and marketing materials.

For more information:

To request access, contact Mike Gifford, director of the IT Service Center, at For support, questions or feedback, contact Kaylee Welgraven, assistant director of visual communications, at

Background Images for Video Conference Calls

Janie Earle Rose Garden

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Paladin Statue

Download Background Image

Bell Tower and Lake

Download Background Image

Duke Library Fountain

Download Background Image

Aerial View, Bell Tower

Download Background Image