Writing Groups for Students

Starting on 2/24/21, we will be hosting a weekly Online Writing Group!

Our goals for the group are to:

  • help upper-level students prioritize and schedule your writing time;
  • offer guidance in how to set SMART goals for your writing;
  • assist you in breaking down a larger writing task into discrete steps; and be an accountability partner for you as you write.

We also hope that those who attend the group regularly will find community with other writers and develop your identity as writers participating in a scholarly conversation rather than just as individuals working in isolation on your writing.

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Close up of writing consultation
Join our weekly Writing Group

For Spring 2021, the Writing Group will meet via Zoom on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00pm.  The group will be facilitated by two Writing & Media Lab Consultants: Michael, a Computer Science and Mathematics major, and Thomas, an Earth and Environmental Sciences major.

Please register to receive the Zoom link to join.

If you can’t join us on Wednesday nights, but you’re still interested in joining a Writing Group, you can still fill out the registration form to let us know!