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Teaching Resources

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Fall 2020 Syllabi Templates (Box Files)

If you notice an error in any of these documents or would like to request specific class meeting days, please email us.

Remote Learning and Digital Collaboration

Inclement weather, illness, community emergencies, personal matters or other circumstances can impact our course and campus schedules. For helpful suggestions–from easy to heavy lift–on how to stay on track when the unexpected arises, find our resources here.


The Furman University Libraries offers many opportunities for collaboration and classroom support.  If you plan to use research assignments in your classes, the Outreach Services Librarians are your best resource for designing and implementing those assignments. They provide invaluable help for faculty in crafting research assignments and for students in conducting research.  Each academic department, major, and minor has a Library Liaison who is available to support your teaching and research.

Writing and Media Lab

The Writing & Media Lab (WML) is Furman’s writing center and multimedia composition center.  The WML helps students through one-on-one consultations about writing assignments, video projects, presentations, and more.  The staff of the WML can also help you plan, design, and implement multimedia assignments in your classes.  If you’re interested in asking your students to create a video, podcast, or other multimedia composition project, contact Jean Schwab, WML Assistant Director, for a consultation about your assignment.

Lightboard Studio

The Blended Learning Studio (BLS) is a resource for faculty and students, which provides a space for creating instructional videos and supplemental materials for class. Lecture capture, student project support, screencasting help, and other requests are supported.​​​  The BLS is also the home of the Furman Lightboard, a teaching tool for instructional video that allows lecturers to write on a board while facing their students. It significantly improves lecture capture by eliminating the problem of the whiteboard, which requires instructors to turn away from their students to write. There is also little to no post-production, so the process is quick.  Contact  Information Technology Services (ITS) for an appointment to talk about how you might use the Lightboard in your classes.

Information and Technology Services

Information Technology & Services (ITS) connects you with many technology and teaching resources on campus.  From workshops and technology support to collaborating on using technology in your classes effectively, ITS can partner with you.  The ITS website has Faculty & Staff Resources as well as a list of available services and collaboration tools.