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Workshops & Events

We offer several campus-wide professional development opportunities throughout the year.

FurmanFlex & Online Instruction Learning Opportunities

To support the intentional and strategic design of your courses and/or student research experiences, we’ve developed FurmanFlex and Online Learning resources so that we can journey together as a community to design learning experiences that highlight the unique and transformative value of a Furman education. For an up-to-date list of all events related to FurmanFlex or online instruction, please see here

Talking Teaching Conversations

Talking Teaching conversations provide an opportunity to build community and reflect on links between our teaching practice and student learning experiences. Join colleagues from a range of disciplines to discuss ideas about both long-standing and emerging pedagogical challenges. Each session will involve reviewing a short preparatory reading or podcast (your choice) to spark the exchange of ideas and teaching practices during our informal conversation. Visit this link to peruse topics for Spring 2021 and register to attend one or more sessions. 

If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to discuss that isn’t on our schedule and you are willing to help facilitate a conversation, we invite you to submit this brief interest form. Interest in the topic, not extended preparation or expertise, is the only requirement to lead a Talking Teaching conversation. 

First Year @ Furman Program

The goals of the First Year @ Furman program are:

  • To support Furman’s newest colleagues via just-in-time professional development opportunities related to effective teaching and research, student learning, and designing/navigating your academic career. 
  • To create collegial, interdisciplinary networks for social support and future teaching, research, outreach, administrative, and service collaborations.

The First Year @ Furman program encompasses two central elements:

  1. First Year Discovery Series: A set of ten (5 per semester) formal learning opportunities to discover core aspects of our community, faculty roles and responsibilities, and professional support.
  2. Mentor Circle Chats: 6 (3 per semester) informal collegial conversations during the academic year to build connections and share experiences.

Click here for programming dates and descriptions for AY 20-21.

Interdisciplinary Reading Groups

The goal of our reading groups is to enable small but sustained communities of scholars at Furman to work together to explore particular problems or themes through established research/literature, with outcomes that might range from new or revised courses to published work inflected by the reading and discussions that have taken place. Are you looking to expand your intellectual horizons through discussion with peers in related disciplines? Ideally, this includes at least 2-4 faculty from at least two departments/programs.

Propose an interdisciplinary reading group!

Annual Learning Exchange

Each year, during spring study day, the Faculty Development Center facilitates the Furman Learning Exchange, an annual gathering of faculty, instructional staff, and students to exchange teaching and learning strategies, professional development hacks, and research in support of high impact practice in and beyond the classroom. Details about this event will be posted in early Spring 2021.

MayX Pro Series

This series of engaging professional development short courses is designed to provide space for important but time-consuming collaborative work that is often difficult to accomplish during the busy school year. During each MayX session, we sponsor several opportunities for concentrated professional development activity. Each hands-on, individualized course is designed to facilitate focused, guided activities that allow participants to meet individual goals and objectives. Course participation involves 3-4 concentrated sessions during the MayX term each year, with associated self-directed tasks. MayX opportunities are communicated prior to the end of spring semester courses.

Upcoming Events

08 Feb

First Year @ Furman Discovery Series: Reflect & Refine: Your Evolving Teaching Identity

With a full semester of teaching at Furman behind you, this session is designed to provide space to pause for reflection on your teaching experience over the fall semester. How have your expectations about teaching at Furman matched the reality? Have you adapted your pedagogical approach?...

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10 Feb

Talking Teaching: Pre-empting Zoom Fatigue

As pandemic teaching requires us to spend significant time in front of a screen, you may have felt tired, uninterested, or frustrated with video conferencing – an indicator of Zoom fatigue. This Talking Teaching discussion will focus on what a why Zoom fatigue happens and...

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19 Feb

Talking Teaching: Cognitive Overload and Mental Bandwidth: Addressing Pandemic Brain

The complex and competing demands placed on our brains during periods of stress can reduce our mental bandwidth. This Talking Teaching discussion will focus on the impacts of such cognitive overload, both during the pandemic and for other reasons such as poverty, racism and social...

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