COVID-19 Response and FurmanFlex Resources

As we plan to resume courses this fall and adjust to the new reality of educating during a pandemic, the Academic and Curricular Subcommittee of the Fall Planning team has provided this set of guidelines¬†which has informed the teaching scenarios and planning process we’ve designed to develop courses adapted for social distancing and fluctuating in-person attendance this fall. We are calling these two course types online (no physical classroom assigned) and FurmanFlex (physical classroom assigned, students engage in multiple and fluctuating ways during the semester).

We invite you to explore below resources to support online and FurmanFlex instruction, including how to plan for multiple modalities, design active learning activities for diverse modes of engagement, support learning via instructional technology, and prepare your students for your courses. The variety of resources available on informed pedagogy for hybrid flexible environments and collaborative learning technology will help you meet your course learning outcomes in any circumstance. For university updates about the 2020-2021 academic year, please visit the Furman Focused: Fall 2020 page.

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