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Furman inducts new Phi Beta Kappa class

Phi Beta Kappa 2024 Induction Class

Last updated April 30, 2024

By Clinton Colmenares, Director of News and Media Strategy

The new class of Phi Beta Kappa initiates was inducted April 24. One of the most selective honorary societies, only about 10 percent of the nation’s universities have Phi Beta Kappa chapters. Furman University’s chapter started in 1973 and initiated its first members, and its first alumnus member, Nobel laureate Charles Hard Townes ’35, on April 23, 1974. The chapter currently includes more than 60 faculty and staff members.

Students are considered for election to Phi Beta Kappa on the basis of scholarly achievements in the liberal arts and sciences, broad cultural interests and good character. Students exemplifying the qualities and intellectual pursuits of Phi Beta Kappa are invited to join the society during the spring of their senior year, but a small number of members of the junior class may also be invited. This year’s inductees are listed below.

Election Class of 2024

Honorary Member

Cynthia King

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence, Professor of Communication Studies

Graduating Class of 2025

Anna Scott Bing

Kayla Marie Burrell

Lillian May Feingold

Gregory Kubista

Morgan Locklear

Summer Lillian Marsden

Kayla Paige Neubert

Emma Rose Page

Claire Donaghue Razanauskas

Jonathan Stokes

Xenia Weislämle

Graduating Class of 2024

Sophia Marie Anthony

Mary Ellen Ashley

Cameron Heaton Baird

Lydia Kate Beachum

John William Beam

Lauren Bolzan

Conor Bready

Louisa Brown

Michael Walker Burns

Biruja Dahal

Grace Ann Davis

Catherine Stuart Davis

Isabella Grace Dickenson

Baxter Easley

Emily Marie Edwards

Andra Cristina Enache

Hannah Farr

Hannah Nicole Feigenbaum

Casey Norei Funderburk

Lauren Aliese Garges

Zoe Elani Gaskin

Kaitlyn Gilmore

Connor Ryan Gregory

Mimi Haase

Rohan Halloran

Alexander Owen Hibbs

Isabella Horton

Megan Grace Hubbard

Evan Robert Hucke

Elijah Christopher Kibler

Hannah Lee

Joong Hwan Lee

William Hammond Livingston

Devin Patricia Marquess

Emily Martens

Anna Mauldin

Jane McCallum

Lillian Meyer

Zane Newell

Vivian Louise Newman

Anna Clare O’Gorman

Michael Peeler

Sophie Elise Pike

Ruth Richardson

Alexis Rojas

Marissa Schabes

Sophia Elizabeth Shaw

Reed Shoolbred

Caroline Anne Smith

Woodland Owen Smith

Jonna Nicole Strange

Faith H. Sulak

Dayna Thomas

Araceli Ubl

Grace Warren

Nicole Ellen Warren

Mary Watts

Emil Westling

Kylie Wittman

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