The Furman Lightboard Studio is a resource for faculty and students, which provides a space for creating instructional videos and supplemental materials for class. Lecture capture, student project support, screencasting help, and other requests are supported.

The Furman Lightboard allows lecturers to write on a board while facing their students. It significantly improves lecture capture by eliminating the problem of the whiteboard, which requires instructors to turn away from their students to write. There is also little to no post-production, so the process is quick.

The Lightboard is located on the lower level of the library and is managed by Michael Vick, Instructional Technologist for the Fine Arts in ITS.

Watch this video demonstration and contact Michael Vick to make a reservation.

Furman’s Lightboard was inspired by the Lightboard Studio at Northwestern University.  Learn more about what goes into making a Lightboard.