I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

If you’ve enrolled in the Furman Password Station (FUpass) you can reset your password by answering the challenge questions you set when your enrolled. If you have not enrolled in FUpass, please contact the IT Service Center.

Help! My computer is in remediation. How do I get out?

You need to make sure your computer has the latest operating system updates and the latest anti-virus definitions. You can follow these instructions to configure your computer or contact the IT Service Center.

Do you have recommended computers or tablets for students

Yes, please see our recommendations for personal technology purchases.

I need to use special software. Where are the computer labs on campus?

Furman has many computer labs on campus, many of them with special software for specific majors.

Is there a charge for printing in the computer labs?

Printing in computer labs is free, but we would like your help being more sustainable about printing. Furman uses PaperCut print management software to track student printing in computer labs. Each semester you are given a balance of $50.00 for printing on University printers. Each page you print will charge 10 cents against your printing balance (up to a total of 500 pages per semester.) If you need more prints, you can request an additional 100 pages at the IT Service Center. For more information about student computer lab printing, please see our ITS Help guide for student printing.

How do I post to Student Notices on MyFuman?

Within your Office 365 email, send your message to “Student Notices”.

How do I get to my Furman Box storage?

Your Furman Box storage is available through MyFurman (see MyApps.)

Have more questions about information technology services?

Please contact the IT Service Center.