With support from a dedicated group of Reflection Fellow participants (see below), Dr. Stephanie Knouse (Executive Reflection Fellow) lead a multi-year effort designed to incorporate intentional reflective practice into all areas of campus life. Participants in the effort created a micro lecture repository that highlights how Furman faculty and staff are implementing reflection in their academic courses and programs. The 2-3-minute videos included below are also accompanied by instructors’ materials so that those interested in learning more can examine the details of the assignments. If you would like to discuss how you might incorporate reflective practices in your learning activities, please contact the FDC by requesting a consultation.

Furman Reflection Fellow Program Participants

The FDC is grateful to the following individuals for their investment in the the Reflection Fellows program.

Sarah Archino

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Art History

Judy Bagley

Director, Student Office for Accessibility Resources

Nathan Brown

Associate Professor of French

Meredith Burton

Director and Lead Teacher of Furman Child Development Center

Andy Coe

Associate Director, Internship Office

Caroline J. Davis

Visiting Lecturer, Theatre Arts and Education

Vaughn CroweTipton

Associate Vice President for Spiritual Life; University Chaplain; Associate Professor of Religion

Casey Hawthorne

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Stephanie Hesbacher

Assistant Director of South Housing; Facilitator Trainer, Intergroup Dialogue Program

Kim Keefer

Director, Shucker Center for Leadership Development

Stephanie Knouse

Professor, Spanish; Chair, Linguistics Interdisciplinary Minor

Ilka Rasch

Associate Professor of German

Jean Schwab

Director, Peer Assisted Learning and Writing & Media Lab

Meghan Slining

Associate Professor of Health Sciences

Natalie The

Associate Professor and Chair of Health Sciences

Marianne Bessy

Lois Aileen Coggins Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures; French Language Coordinator

Courtney Firman-Watkins

Pathways Program Coordinator