Casey Hawthorne

Casey Hawthorne

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

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Casey Hawthorne recently finished his Ph.D. in mathematics and science education under the direction of Dr. Randolph Philipp.  During his studies, he assisted on projects in which he worked closely with teachers and administrators at the elementary, secondary, and undergraduate level, providing professional development on a wide range of mathematical and instructional topics.  Dr. Hawthorne is excited to be back on a student-centered liberal arts campus after such a positive experience at nearby Davidson College.

Prior to his doctoral studies, Dr. Hawthorne was a middle and high school math teacher for 15 years.  He spent most of his secondary teaching career abroad, working in Russia, Brazil, and Bulgaria. While Dr. Hawthorne has enjoyed the opportunity to learn about foreign cultures first hand, he now looks forward to building strong relationships with the Greenville and South Carolina education communities and helping to connect Furman students with local schools.​​

Ph.D., Mathematics and Science Education
U.C. San Diego/San Diego State University
M.S., Mathematics
University of New Hampshire
B.S., Mathematics
Davidson College

Casey Hawthorne’s research focuses on teachers’ understanding of student thinking and how this shapes their ability to be responsive and adaptive in their instruction.  His dissertation examined experienced secondary teachers' understanding of the algebraic generalization process and the role representation plays in supporting this process.  He has been involved in examining teachers’ understanding of integers and how this understanding aligns with their interpretation of student thinking and their orientation towards integer instruction.  In addition, his examination of representation has led him to explore what is meant by algebraic structure and how to support students in developing this lens.