Extended Completion Plan

Jan. 28, 2020

Furman University has developed options for Undergraduate Evening Studies students to continue their studies which may include finishing their degree at Furman or at a partner school. The key elements of the extended completion plan appear below:

1.        A transition team, led by Dr. Virginia Gerde, the Chair of the Department of Business and Accounting, will oversee the transition and be available to discuss your options for continuing your degree. We encourage you to set up an appointment with Dr. Gerde as soon as possible by contacting ues@furman.edu or 864-294-3141.

2.        Furman will offer Undergraduate Evening Studies courses through the end of the 2021 summer session, which will conclude in August 2021. Course offerings will be focused on those needed by students who have the potential to finish their programs of study by August 2021. Although students who will not be able to complete their academic programs by August 2021 may continue to take Undergraduate Evening Studies courses at Furman through August 2021, they are encouraged to explore the options at one of our partner schools in order to facilitate a smooth transition and maintain their momentum toward their degrees.

3.        Students who can complete their Furman Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree requirements by taking no more than four courses after August 2021 will have the option of transferring those final courses back to Furman to obtain the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree, provided that 25 percent of the total credit hours required for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree have been earned through instruction offered by Furman (as required by Furman’s accrediting body) and that the credits are completed by August 31, 2022. Students who transferred in credits upon their enrollment at Furman should communicate with Dr. Gerde to ensure that they have earned sufficient credits at Furman to qualify for this option.

4. We have completed agreements that will allow current Furman Undergraduate Evening Studies students to potentially transition to Anderson University or USC Upstate, and we are currently working on a similar agreement with another institution. We will schedule a transfer forum so that you can connect with representatives from these universities in person on the Furman campus or virtually to determine which school might best meet your needs. Following the transfer forum, we will schedule a question-and-answer session with representatives from Furman’s Academic Leadership Team.