The Institutes

Innovation has become a watchword of 21st-century liberal arts and sciences education, taking on an array of varied meanings that suggest preparing students to pursue new ideas and take entrepreneurial risks. At Furman, innovative thinking has been core to our educational approach for decades. Alumni know that in our classrooms, labs and studios, thinking through hard problems and devising original solutions have long been as important to academic success as mastering the facts. And with a set of institutes distinct for any undergraduate institution of our size, Furman’s enduring commitment to innovation can offer powerful new competitive advantages.

Through CLEARLY FURMAN, we will boost the reach, range and scale of these institutes and make our learning experience, and the Furman degree, even more valuable. Campaign support will boost our innovation and entrepreneurship, public policy reach, and influence on sustainable communities and community health. In this campaign, donors will take the Furman tradition of innovative learning to a new level of value to our students—and a new level of leadership in higher education.

Established in 2015, the Institute for the Advancement of Community Health (IACH) has provided over 800 students with high-impact experiences in health-related fields.

With a commitment to health equity, justice and diversity, IACH facilitates these student experiences, conducts community-engaged research and champions key community programs.

IACH connects Furman and the greater community to advance education, programs and research devoted to optimizing health and improving quality of life. Over 30 community organizations and campus partners collaborate with the institute, which supports students, faculty, alumni and the community in working collaboratively to improve all aspects of health.

The Hill Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship seeks to create and grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Furman by addressing workforce trends and participating and contributing to the local and the regional community.

Through virtual and physical resources, conferences, networking, speaker series, boot camps, partnerships and pitch competitions, The Hill Institute will be an integral part of delivering The Furman Advantage.

Launched in 1999 and named for former S.C. Governor, former U.S. Secretary of Education, and Furman alumnus Richard W. Riley, the Riley Institute provides unique opportunities for Furman and Furman students while driving social and economic progress in South Carolina.

The institute’s primary areas of work include significant support for public education, teaching leaders across the state to harness the strengths of diversity, creating and sharing credible research connected to a spectrum of community interventions, production of a broad array of speaker events throughout the year, and numerous associated opportunities for students.

The Shi Institute is a regionally-centered, community-facing institute promoting sustainable human flourishing through our centers of sustainability education, research, and leadership.

The institute serves as a conduit and crossroads for providing innovative ways to think and learn about sustainability, applying sustainability systems research to contemporary problems, and convening, connecting and educating the next generation of campus and community sustainability leaders. The institute builds on 10 years of proven success and national renown of the former Shi Center for Sustainability.

The Potential is Extraordinary

Furman is proud to be a critical part of Greenville and the Upstate’s growing vibrancy in every regard—culturally, educationally, economically and much more. Just as importantly, the vitality of our home region is essential to Furman’s strengths and reputation. Investing in the institutes that distinguish Furman in liberal arts and sciences education, donors to CLEARLY FURMAN will propel the work of our students and faculty to new levels of impact and influence, for the place we call home and for communities like ours across the country.