The Institutes

Established in 2015, IACH has already provided more than 800 students with high-impact experiences in health-related fields. But it’s only begun to reach its potential. CLEARLY FURMAN presents an opportunity for donors to elevate the institute’s value as never before.

Grounded in a commitment to health equity, justice and diversity, IACH makes possible student experiences and community research and service programs that build on related university strengths to advance the quality of life through healthcare, medicine, social science and education, social entrepreneurship and more. Already, IACH partners with more than 30 community and campus organizations, fostering the kinds of multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted approaches necessary to improve all aspects of health.

With donor investments, faculty and students will propel this vital work further, expanding the benefits of their work to our community and allowing the type of curricular and research innovations that broaden students’ abilities to shape individual health outcomes and community prosperity.

Funding Opportunities
IACH Endowment

This endowed fund provides permanent support to ensure the institute has the operating and personnel resources to develop and implement innovative programs to serve the needs of students, faculty and staff who are committed to improving the health of the broader community.

  • Goal: $10,000,000
Endowed Director’s Position

This endowed fund ensures the Executive Director’s ability to lead the effort to develop community partnerships, work interdisciplinarily to integrate IACH’s programs with the other Furman institutes and academic departments, and promote institute programs to current and prospective students, collaborators, alumni and sponsors.

  • Goal: $3,000,000
Center for Community Health Education Programs

This endowed fund provides permanent support to ensure the center has the operation and personnel resources to develop and implement education programs for students, faculty, community partners and alumni.

  • Goal: $5,000,000
Center for Community Health Education Programs - Endowed Director of Education Position

The Director of Education directs the undergraduate and graduate level programs, initiatives and courses to ensure alignment with the strategic plan of the institute and Furman. The Director teaches Community Health courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. A focus on building programs and courses that expand opportunities in unique and collaborative ways is integral to the division. IACH has developed and collaborated on three new MayX courses: The Emergency Department as a Microcosm of Society; The Southern Border: A Tale of Two Communities; and Medical Legal Partnership: Poverty, Medicine and Law.

This endowed fund enables the Community Health Director of Education’s effort to lead development and implementation of the strategic plan for Community Health Education Programs.

  • Goal: $2,000,000
Center for Community Health Education Programs - Post Baccalaureate Fellows Endowment

These highly competitive positions may focus in one or more areas of IACH. Previous fellows have continued on to their first choice in graduate programs including medicine, public health, urban planning and social entrepreneurship and impact.

This endowed fund supports two full-time positions for recent graduates who are excited to explore and engage with innovative community health initiatives.

  • Goal: $1,250,000
Center for Community Health Education Programs - Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine Scholarship

The program provides an advanced understanding of biomedical science and population health related to disparities between growing medical needs and resources within communities. A cornerstone of the program is its commitment to increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce.

This endowed fund provides scholarships for under-represented students to eliminate financial barriers to graduate-level health education.

  • Goal: $750,000
Community Health Action Endowment

The Community Action team promotes interventions that are novel, collaborative approaches to tackle inequities in health outcomes. The team’s collaborative work has contributed to Greenville County receiving the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize in 2020 that advances equitable access to housing, education, workforce development, transportation and health care in the region. The team is also part of a Greenville coalition to receive the BUILD Health Challenge award to reduce racial disparities in youth obesity in the White Horse Road corridor of Greenville. Additional programs and partners include the Magdalene Clinic, providing safe, non-judgmental obstetrical care for women with substance-abuse disorder, and LiveWell Greenville, a local coalition that convenes stakeholders across Greenville County to make the healthy choice the easy choice through policy, systems and environmental change.

This endowed fund supports the work of the Community Action team to identify, support and evaluate evidenced based interventions that build healthy communities.

  • Goal: $2,000,000
Medical Legal Partnership Endowment

Furman is the first and currently only undergraduate institution in the country to be a part of a medical-legal partnership. Since 2016, over 15 students have interned with the MLP team providing them with transformative experiences that directly affected their educational and professional goals in medicine, law and advocacy. The MLP is committed to improving health equity and justice for all clients, promoting better health outcomes and quality of life.

This endowed fund supports student internships, programming and staffing for this unique partnership, which provides unparalleled experiential learning for students while addressing real, health-harming legal needs in the community.

  • Goal: $2,000,000
Center for Community Health Conversations

This endowed fund provides permanent support to ensure the center has the operational and personnel resources to create and host year-round events.

  • Goal: $3,000,000
Center for Community Health Conversations - Annual CHC Forum

The event, held every fall since 2017, convenes community health professionals, clinical providers, students and academics to learn, network and collaborate. Previous topics include diabetes, clinical and public health service integration, and health equity. The keynote address speaker is a national level leader in community health.

This endowed fund supports the speaker and event costs related to this multi-day forum.

  • Goal: $1,000,000
Center for Community Health Conversations - CHC Speaker Series

The CHC Speaker Series is an interactive series of short events in various formats (webinar, panel discussions, CLPs) that provides students, alumni, community and campus partners the opportunity to hear directly from those who are actively working to optimize health and improve quality of life for communities globally.

This endowed fund ensures support for speakers and event costs in perpetuity.

  • Goal: $750,000
The Potential is Extraordinary

Guided by our strengths as a university, focused on learning experiences that empower students to achieve their most inspiring ambitions, we will do more than meet our mission and advance Furman’s reputation for excellence. As we become a national model for higher education, we will, through our graduates, influence action and ideas across the 21st century. This is the possibility within reach, and with your support we will make it happen.


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