Scholarship, Teaching and Academic Programs

The Furman Advantage is an exception in higher education. Developed with deliberation and intent by our faculty and staff to make the most of Furman’s strengths as an educator, this program brings together what we do best: Rigorous academics, guided reflection with faculty, personal advising, and practical learning experiences from study away to internships at Furman institutes that no competitor can match.

Through CLEARLY FURMAN, we will capitalize on this potent combination of The Furman Advantage experiences and ensure that every student benefits from all that Furman has to offer. Investing in scholarships, teaching excellence, and innovative and interdisciplinary academic programs, our donors will set Furman apart.

Universities across the country compete to offer students generous loan-free aid, scholarships, and work-study opportunities.

Most Furman students receive some form of financial aid and it is the fastest-growing priority in our annual budget. This year, $67 million was awarded to students in need – only 24 percent or $16 million of which came from endowed funds.

Faculty are the heart of Furman.

To provide an education that is rigorous, integrative and individual, the university must continue to recruit extraordinary teachers and scholars – people who live their lives to learn, to share their knowledge, and to mentor students on their pathways to success.

Premier academic programs and teaching are the foundation of a Furman education.

To strengthen and sustain the university’s academic reputation, we must invest in faculty development, faculty-student research, and resources and equipment.

Establishing a new Center for Humanities will provide resources

for scholars to generate new knowledge and further understand all forms of cultural expression, social interaction, and human thought; strengthen teaching through the development of innovative materials and instruction; unify and integrate existing resources and programs; and engage the broader public through community lectures, panel discussions, and symposia.

The majority of the music department’s pianos are more than 50 years old and need to be replaced.

To provide students access to quality instruments, the university has committed to becoming an All-Steinway School.

Funding Priorities
The Potential is Extraordinary

At the center of all we do as a university stands our faculty and academic offerings, which are dedicated to bringing out the best in students, elevating their expectations of themselves, and guiding them to success. The next step in Furman’s rising leadership in the liberal arts and sciences is clear—through historic new investments in the teacher-scholars and the programs that define Furman’s lasting educational impact on individual lives and on the world.