Scholarship, Teaching and Academic Programs

Furman’s rigorous, integrative and individualized educational experiences define our reputation — and depend on extraordinary teachers and scholars.

With investments in those who live to learn, share their knowledge and mentor our students to success, donors to CLEARLY FURMAN will bolster this essential force for university excellence.
By investing in endowed professorships and funds that support our teacher-scholars, donors will

  • Help us recruit and retain world-class faculty.
  • Support outstanding senior-level faculty in academic departments of interest to the donor.
  • Bring talented artists, writers, scientists and business experts to campus to engage with our students and propel fresh perspectives across our curriculum.
  • Advance faculty work to develop innovative new approaches to teaching and research.
  • Kick-start the careers of new faculty with three-year awards.
  • Bolster our faculty’s highly personalized mentoring and advising work.
Funding Opportunities
Distinguished Professorship Endowment

An endowed fund supports a senior academic position that enables Furman to retain and recruit world-class faculty members by providing research funding.

  • Goal: $3,000,000
Endowed Professorship

An endowed fund underwrites the work of an outstanding senior-level faculty member in a particular discipline.

  • Goal: $2,000,000
Visiting Professorship Endowment

An endowed fund brings talented artists, writers, scientists and business experts to campus for a semester or year-long appointments, ensuring a steady infusion of new courses and fresh perspectives to the curriculum and faculty.

  • Goal: $1,500,000
Endowed Faculty Development

This endowed fund enables faculty to develop new ways of teaching, research and intensive scholarship work in their disciplines. It also provides for professional development expenses to redesign a course, presenting and attending professional and multi-disciplinary meetings and conferences, and involving students in development efforts.

  • Goal: $1,000,000
Dean’s Fellowship Endowment

An endowed fund provides a three-year award to new faculty members for research and faculty development.

  • Goal: $1,000,000
Associate Dean for Mentoring/Advising Endowment

This endowed named position will provide and oversee this critical component of every Furman student’s experience.

  • Goal: $1,000,000
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"Giving to our world-class faculty allows my talented colleagues the resources and support needed to challenge and support our students through rigorous inquiry, transformative experiences and deep reflection as they move on and lead lives of meaning and consequence."
Cynthia King
Professor of Communication Studies, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence
The Potential is Extraordinary

Guided by our strengths as a university, focused on learning experiences that empower students to achieve their most inspiring ambitions, we will do more than meet our mission and advance Furman’s reputation for excellence. As we become a national model for higher education, we will, through our graduates, influence action and ideas across the 21st century.

Campaign Priorities

Clearly Furman Priorities

Building on the best of Furman, we will elevate the university’s excellence, access and impact through these five campaign priorities.