Scholarship, Teaching and Academic Programs

The Furman Humanities Center provides resources for scholars to generate new knowledge and further understand all forms of cultural expression, social interaction, and human thought; strengthen teaching through the development of innovative materials and instruction; unify and integrate existing resources and programs; and engage the broader public through community lectures, panel discussions, and symposia.

Funding Opportunities
Endowed Director of the Humanities Center

This endowed position ensures experienced, inspiring leadership to develop resources and implement programs that promote understanding of the humanities and equip advocates for their foundational role in a democratic society.

  • Goal: $3,000,000
Student Fellows Endowment

This endowed fund provides undergraduate research funding to enable students to work closely with a humanities faculty member on an intensive project, either during the summer or as part of the academic year.

  • Goal: $500,000
The Potential is Extraordinary

Guided by our strengths as a university, focused on learning experiences that empower students to achieve their most inspiring ambitions, we will do more than meet our mission and advance Furman’s reputation for excellence. As we become a national model for higher education, we will, through our graduates, influence action and ideas across the 21st century.

Campaign Priorities

Clearly Furman Priorities

Building on the best of Furman, we will elevate the university’s excellence, access and impact through these five campaign priorities.