The Institute for the Advancement of Community Health (IACH) facilitates high impact student experiences and community engaged research, focusing on building partnerships in education and research, and championing key community programs, with a commitment to health equity, justice, and diversity.

The IACH is uniquely positioned to convene academics, practitioners, and medical professionals to address community health issues with applied, professional focus. Our community research provides a real-life learning lab for our students, while also advancing the implementation of evidenced based-strategies with a focus on measurable outcomes to reduce health disparities in our community.

Community Health is a collaborative enterprise that uses evidence-based strategies and other approaches to engage with communities to optimize health and quality of life for all. This work is best accomplished through new approaches and collaborations with our on-campus and off-campus stakeholders. Our work is focused in three primary areas:

  • Center for Community Health Education Programs
  • Center for Community Action Research & Evaluation
  • Center for Community Health Conversations
  • 40%
    Furman students pursuing careers in health
  • 225
    high-impact student learning internships available in health-related fields
  • 1,000+
    Students involved in health internships since 2016
Center for Community Health Education Programs

Center for Community Health Education Programs

The Center focuses on developing programs, courses and experiences for students. These activities broaden students’ understanding of issues related to social factors including equity and justice and their impact on individual health outcomes and the health of our communities. Furman students become prepared to enter and influence health professions with a comprehensive understanding of real time challenges and focused solutions.

Center for Community Action Research & Evaluation

Center for Community Action Research & Evaluation

The Community Action team develops relationships and enhances collaboration with local and state-level community partners to build a healthy community. They support evidence-based interventions and evaluation of partner initiatives to demonstrate community impact and research and identify relevant community health issues to inform practice.

Center for Community Health Conversations

Center for Community Health Conversations

The IACH is excited to host a wide variety of opportunities for Furman faculty, students and staff as well as community partners and interested collaborators to further the mission of the IACH.

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Your gift supports and ensures the IACH has the operating resources to facilitate high impact student experiences, conduct community engaged research, and champion key community programs, furthering our commitment to health equity, justice and diversity.