We are excited to announce the Student Community Health Champions, a student leadership organization that will serve to promote IACH’s mission and values on the Furman University campus and in the community.

Eight student representatives have been selected to serve as Community Health Champions during the 2023-24 academic year:

  • Talbot Arnold ‘25
  • Scottie Bing ‘25
  • George Crumpler ‘25
  • Tatyana Gonzalez ‘24
  • Martha Paige Greene ‘25
  • Will Henderson ‘25
  • Rachel Housworth ‘25
  • Jennifer Woollery ‘25

Each of these students have already participated in one of the Institute’s experiential learning offerings (such as MayX Health & Medicine in a Global Context courses in Portugal or Cambodia) or were chosen as IACH Summer Fellows.  They will represent the Institute at various events and join the IACH team to promote the work of the Institute by engaging with communities to optimize health and quality of life for all. Congratulations, Champions!


Community Champions & IACH Leadership Council

Our IACH Champions are critical to the strength and transformation of the work we do. To continue our positive impact in the community health sector, expand our high-impact student experiences and promote innovative community engaged research and programs, we need collaboration and engagement from prominent thought leaders in the industry. These champions work closely with the IACH to inform and advise our work while serving as mentors to students and liaisons to the local, regional and national community health network.

IACH Leadership Council:

  • Dr. Becky Becherer ’89, Brownsboro Park Pediatrics
  • Dr. Elizabeth Bloodworth ’92
  • Dr. Jim Bloodworth, Prisma Health
  • Dr. Carlos Dalence, St. Joseph’s Hospital, BayCare Health System
  • Dr. Marvin Hardy ’91, Grace Medical Home
  • Dr. Jairy Hunter ’89, naviHealth
  • Dr. Lauren Messinger ’06, Foxhall OB/Gyn
  • Dr. Wade Sexton ’89, Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Ms. Anne Tumlinson ’89, ATI Advisory
  • Dr. Matthew Wilson ’86, Hamilton Eye Institute/University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

IACH Community Health Champions:

  • Megan Dierker ’16, Bluffton, SC
  • Brian and Harmony Garges, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Lori Housworth ’91, Louisville, KY
  • Selina Juarez ’12, Greenville, SC
  • Laura LeBel, Greenville, SC
  • Claire Adams Spears ’04, Atlanta, GA
  • Susan Van Aacken ’93, Atlanta, GA

Please contact us at IACH@furman.edu to learn more!