Did you know that over 4,500 Furman alumni are currently working in a health-related field? Our programs, courses, and experiences prepare students to enter and influence health professions with a comprehensive understanding of real time challenges and focused solutions. As part of our commitment to The Furman Advantage, the IACH continually seeks to create experiences for students which will build confidence and help them prepare for life after Furman.

Getting Involved

Set up a meeting with IACH Health Careers Internship Coordinator, Rebecca Redman.

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Featured Student Programs

Prisma Health Internship | Mahmood Syed

Furman students have the opportunity to get real-world experience through unique partnerships. Mahmood Syed spent time at Prisma Health gathering valuable experience in healthcare.

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Meet An Alumnus
"I fell into a network of faculty, staff and alumni who actually take the time to get to know you and your interests. They’re fighting for you, because they know you."
Maddie Ritter, '17
Meet An Alumnus
"For someone who wants to go to law school or medical school, you couldn’t ask for a better experience."
Mary Frances Dennis, '18
Meet An Alumnus
"The amount of creativity and persistence it takes to progress forward with research is both amazing and fascinating."
Mahmood Syed, '17