Education in the IACH focuses on developing high-impact programs, courses and experiences for students that will broaden their understanding of issues related to social factors, including equity and justice and their impact on individual health outcomes and the health of our communities.

As the primary undergraduate partner for Prisma Health Sciences Center, the IACH is uniquely positioned to facilitate innovative experiences that compliment classroom learning and add a professional focus. Because of these experiences, Furman students are prepared to enter and influence the health professions with a more comprehensive understanding of problems in the field and are equipped to lead the solutions.

Student attending her partnership job

Student Experiences

Gain experience that will build confidence and give an edge in post-graduate studies and beyond.

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Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine

The Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine (MS-CEM) degree program uses intensive classroom, community, and clinical study to prepare its students for today's complex world of health care.

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