Potential Advising Topics of Discussion in the First Year:
  • Why did you choose Furman? What excites you about being here?
  • What matters to you? Whom do you admire?
  • What is your biggest fear in coming to Furman? What challenges do you anticipate?
  • What and who are resources to help you navigate those challenges?
  • What would you like to explore and learn more about?
  • What academic skills and abilities do you want or need to develop?
  • What co-curricular and extracurricular activities reflect your interests and values? What CLP or other events might you attend? How might these events complement your academic plan?
  • How might you manage your classes and other activities without overextending yourself? How will you organize and manage your time?
  • How will you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • How have you sought out and talked with faculty outside of class?
  • If you received a disappointing grade in a class, have you reached out to your academic advisor and/or professor to discuss it?
  • Do you feel like Furman is a place where you feel like you belong? Have you found faculty/staff/peers who help you feel like you belong and are a part of the Furman community?
  • Have you sought out campus employment or leadership opportunities?
Year One Recommend Activities for Advisees (Fall Term)
Year One Recommend Activities for Advisees (Spring Term)