The Furman Fellows award, among the highest honors bestowed on Furman students, recognizes five seniors based on their accomplishments, contributions and potential.

Students apply to become a Furman Fellow in the spring of their junior year. Applicants are required to propose and execute a project during their senior year and present their work at Furman Engaged. Proposed projects may include but are not limited to independent research (e.g., thesis, continuation of a summer or course project), a creative work (e.g., recording, theater production, art installation), a community project (e.g., on-campus or in the Greenville community), or an entrepreneurial endeavor (e.g., creation of a business or piloting/prototyping an idea).

Furman Fellows are selected based on the content of their application, including the project they propose, as well as faculty and staff recommendations. Successful applicants are those who aim to make a difference at Furman and in the broader community, bring creativity and imagination to their daily lives, demonstrate distinctive problem-solving abilities, and are respected by their peers and faculty.

Each Furman Fellow receives $10,000 thanks to the generous philanthropy of Trustee Emeritus Bob Buckman and his wife, Joyce Mollerup. The award is intended to encourage recipients to pursue their academic, creative and professional pathways.

Applications for the Furman Fellows Class of ‘25 are due Friday, March 15 and can be found using the link below.

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Class of 2024