Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all areas of faculty and academic support. It consists of a vice president for academic affairs and provost, two associate provosts as well as six academic deans.

The office is responsible for managing Furman’s academic programs, including the hiring of all faculty and optimization of resource allocations and staffing within Academic Affairs. It also works closely with students, parents and faculty to ensure academic regulations are followed, and that Furman’s integrity pledge is honored.

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Beth Pontari

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; Professor of Psychology,

Associate Provosts

John Wheeler

Associate Provost for Integrative Science; Professor of Chemistry,

Erik Ching

Interim Associate Provost for Engaged Learning; Walter Kenneth Mattison Professor of History; Director of Undergraduate Research.,

Academic Deans

Jeremy Cass

Dean of Faculty; Professor of Spanish,

Kyle Longest

Associate Academic Dean; Professor of Sociology,

Michelle Horhota

Associate Dean for Mentoring and Advising; Professor of Psychology,

Diane Boyd, Ph.D.

Mary Seawell Metz ’58 Executive Director, Faculty Development Center & Associate Dean Faculty Development,

Brad Harmon

Assistant Dean for the First-Year and Second-Year Experience,

Tracy Carner

Assistant Academic Dean,

Cynthia King

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence; Professor of Communication Studies. ,


Melanie Armstrong

Mentoring Coordinator,

Kate Burris

Coordinator for Fiscal Operations,

Lori Law

Executive Assistant, Dean of Faculty,

Maggie Milat

Director of Fiscal Operations,

Heather Rockwell

Executive Assistant, Academic Deans,

Michelle Shaw

Executive Assistant, Provost,

Sara Abraham-Oxford

Executive Assistant, Associate and Assistant Academic Deans.,
Mentoring at Furman

Mentoring at Furman

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Teaching and Advising Awards

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Student Academic Honors

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