A student’s first year is an opportunity to discover their skills, interests, values, identity and goals. This exploration process sta​​rts by taking a collection of GER (General Education Requirement) courses in a variety of different academic fields. Through the process of taking these courses students will gain an appreciation for how different disciplines contribute to the understanding of complex situations and systems. Students will also explore different co-curricular options (experiences complementary to the academic program such as art shows, musical performances, mock trial, etc.) and extracurricular options (membership in student organizations, participation in Heller Service Corps, etc.) in order to better understand themselves and their place in the community and beyond. Through exploring the curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular, and social life, students begin to develop a sense of belonging and to integrate themselves into the Furman community. The hope is that the student begins to discover the “why to do” behind the “what to do.”