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Areas of Study and Music Degrees

Our music program is recognized as one of the best and most comprehensive in the nation among liberal arts colleges. We offer two different degrees in music: the flexible Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Music, a professional degree with majors in performance, education, church music, theory, and composition. Both programs feature one-on-one instruction and studies in a broad range of musical genres. So whether you’re interested in chamber or symphonic, jazz or opera, classical or contemporary, on any instrument, it’s all here at Furman.


Our Degrees

Areas of Study - Opportunities for Majors and Non-majors

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All-Steinway School Updates & Current Events

Our department is in the midst of a campaign to raise the funds in order to render our program an "All-Steinway School", ensuring our students receive the best pianos for practice and learning. Furman hopes...

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Exploring Research Opportunities

Are you interested in exploring student research? Perhaps you would like to strike out on an independent study? Maybe connect with a professor for a summer long, intensive research project? We are happy to report...

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Getting Involved

Furman is pleased to offer students one of the best music programs among liberal arts colleges in the nation. We have both a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Music as degree...

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