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Exploring Research Opportunities

Last updated September 14, 2021

Are you interested in exploring student research? Perhaps you would like to strike out on an independent study? Maybe connect with a professor for a summer long, intensive research project?

We are happy to report the fact that Furman University boasts a nationally acclaimed undergraduate research program, granting students a rare opportunity to collaborate with faculty and present their findings.

Our students have studied music theory, music history, pedagogy, and performance styles.

For instance, Addison Ballew completed research within our Department this summer. She tracked how much of the voice is used for speaking by vocal performance professors. Ballew also examined the way in which a certain number of hours of normal speech affected their singing voices.

But this is just one example, as students can pursue a variety of research interests.

Students can connect with a faculty member who shares their passions in order to secure a research mentor. From there, students can either register for independent study during a semester or seek a summer fellowship.

Typically, 200 student fellows participate in our Summer Research Fellows Program each year. These students receive funding for housing, meals, transportation, and other expenses while completing at least eight weeks of full-time research. Come spring, students present their work during Furman Engaged! day. There, students will present a poster of their findings and discuss their experiences while working on their research project.

Looking to apply for a Summer Research Fellowship? Look no further.

For other questions related to research,  contact the Center of Engaged Learning or read more on our site for undergraduate research.