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What Can I Do With a Degree in Music?

Music majors have the capability to pursue a large span of occupations. The skillset provided by our liberal arts approach prepares students for postgraduate lives in anything from marketing to medicine.

At Furman, majors will have the opportunity to dabble in performance, voice, theory, and composition. Our wide range of degrees and concentrations can meet the needs and interests of many students.

Students obtain and sharpen skills in communication, teamwork, concentration, self-discipline, and the strength of being able to perform when under high pressure.

A music degree can lead to a profession in teaching, academia, performance at the professional level, music composition, directing a church choir, working in the administrative level for a symphony orchestra, or the pursuit of a professional career unrelated to music.

Even if you are unsure about a major in music, you can still be involved as a non-major. Non-majors may participate in ensembles and lessons – they can even use our practice rooms!

Music auditions are open to all prospective students, no matter their major. Music scholarships are based on the quality of the audition and the needs of the music program.

Interested in learning more about our different degrees and areas of study? Read our quick links page and consider reaching out to a faculty member within your passion.