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Academic Advising Guide

Expectations of Students and Advisors

The relationship between advisor and student is one of shared responsibility. Learn what to expect.

Year One: Exploration and Discovery

Your first year is an opportunity to discover your skills, interests, values, identity, and goals by taking courses in a variety of different academic fields. Explore and discover.

Year Two: Focused Exploration and Decision-Making

Year two places an emphasis on inquiry and exploration which involves finding a major that helps you meet life and career goals, but that you also find appealing and fulfilling. Make decisions.

Year Three: Connecting and Refining

In the third year, you begin to focus your study in a major. It is also a time for you to take the initiative to seek out opportunities where you are able to apply your developing knowledge and skills to meet real-world challenges, through opportunities such as internships, community engagement projects, or research experiences. Connect and refine.

Year Four: Synthesis, Reflection and Closure

The fourth year is the culmination of your academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular experiences at Furman and is the time to reflect upon your accomplishments and your plans following graduation. Reflect and find closure.​​